Complete in Thee each want supplied,
And no good thing to me denied;
Since Thou my portion, Lord, wilt be,
I ask no more, complete in Thee.

(3rd verse of "Complete In Thee", by Aaron Roberts Wolfe & James Martin Gray)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Who it is against...

Psalm 51:1-4

Be gracious to me,
O God, according to
your loving kindness;
According to the greatness
of Your compassion
blot out my
Wash me thoroughly
from my iniquity
And cleanse me from my
For I know my
And my sin is ever before
Against You, You only, I
have sinned
And done what is evil in
Your sight,
So that You are justified
when You speak
And blameless when You judge.

I am a sinner washed clean by the blood of the Holy Lamb, Jesus Christ. I am not bound to sin any longer, yet i still desire it. I still do it. and yet, who is it against?

It is against my God, not men. though my sinful choices may hurt the people I love, it isn't against them. God is the One who has bought my soul with the price of His Son. I am His alone. Yet i turn to sin for comfort, for joy, for ease, for whatever reason. Now I need to take it up with Him.

Flip side: when i feel wronged and hurt by the sin that someone else chose, i have no right to hang on to the hurt i am feeling. why? because they are not mine. They need to take up their decisions with their Creator. i have no claim on them other than my choice to love them (and perhaps some physical blood similarities) but we are both the creatures of an Almighty & Just God. it is up to Him as to how the sins we choose are to be dealt with or punished, not up to my emotions that have been wounded.

So i need to forgive the wrong that has been done. I may still feel pain over it. i may still be sad because of what they chose. I may have been directly affected. But i have no right to feel that this sin was against me. I need to let it go!

Q~ when my children choose to disobey me, do i remember that they have sinned against God, not me? (after all, i am flawed sinful man, just as they are.)

Q~ when my husband has sinned in some way, and i feel hurt, do i remember that i need to forgive and let it go even if he does not ask for my forgiveness? (I can & should pray that he will repent and turn to God, not me.)

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